When the world is crashing around you: Breakfast Tacos

Last night’s dinner was definitely the result of a my-car-isn’t-working-and-I-can’t-go-to-the-store kind of panic. Calmer voices on the other end of the phone convinced me that there were, in fact, enough ingredients for a solid meal. Of course, when I arrived, those ingredients consisted of eggs, canned vegetables, and a small assortment of week-and-a-half-old produce.

Staring at a fridge of wilted spinach, dried up peppers, and nearly-empty milk cartons, it hit me. What do you do when you have a hodge-podge of ingredients such as eggs, sweet potatoes, and a tiny bit of cheese? Breakfast tacos.


This has to be the laziest dinner I have ever cooked. Not going to lie, I actually cooked the eggs in the microwave. But you know what, they were surprisingly delicious and very filling. I think I’ll actually make them again when I’m not having the day from Hell.


  1. Add some avocado or guacamole
  2. If you are going to add salsa, maybe make it fresh or be sure to drain the liquid before adding. Nobody likes drippy tacos
  3. For more of a fall flavor, I’d skip the salsa and sriracha and add diced apple to the mix
  4. For a slightly healthier option, acorn squash is an excellent stand in for sweet potatoes.

Ingredients (This made 3 overstuffed tacos on burrito sized tortillas):

1/4 cup chopped red onion
8 oz turkey sausage (1/2 of one of the refrigerated tubes of sausage)
1 sweet potato, diced
5 large eggs
salt & pepper to taste
1 tbsp coconut oil


shredded cheese
sriracha sauce
sour cream


Throw your turkey sausage, sweet potatoes, onions, and coconut oil into a skillet at medium heat. Let this cook until potatoes are tender and sausage is not only cooked, but starting to get crispy on the edges. Mine probably took 10-ish minutes. It really depends, so just keep an eye for the potatoes and meat to start browning.


Once it’s cooked, add salt and pepper (seriously, use more than you think you need because turkey sausage can be bland and potatoes always use extra salt).

Once this is nearly cooked, beat the eggs with a splash of milk (or water), then add about 1/4 tsp of salt and pepper, mix, and pop in the microwave. I put mine in for 1 minute, then broke up the cooked egg with a fork, went another minute, broke it up again, then put it in for about 30 more seconds. This time will definitely vary by microwave and the size and shape of the bowl being used. You can also cook the scrambled egg in the skillet, but I was lazy and didn’t want to have to dirty another pan.

Once the eggs are done, it’s time to load up the tacos! I started with the egg as my base, then topped that with the potato/sausage/onion mixture, added cheese, then topped with a tiny bit of sour cream. If you like things on the spicier side, add a little sriracha and salsa to the top.




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