My Goal

I’m an eater. A very picky eater, I’ll admit. Give me a cheeseburger, bacon or really any overly processed foods and I’ll be satisfied. But lately, I’ve decided that’s not good enough.

With everyone talking about how the world is going to Hell in a handbasket, I guess it’s nice to find comfort in making my world a little smaller. I have to remind myself that I do have control over my life and my future. It’s something so simple, but if I can change how I eat, I can change how I feel and live and impact everything around me.

img_1042With all the vitriol in the news and social media and the world becoming so black and white, I want to start focusing on the bold and the beautiful around me. Show me the flowers, the sunshine, the late-Summer fruit stand on the side of the road. Let me feel the warmth around the dinner table that I remember so well, eating another of my mom’s delicious home-cooked meals. Where have those days gone.

So with that, here is my commitment to live and eat colorfully. The idea is not to cut out every bad food, but rather to welcome more diverse ingredients into my world. I want to make healthy food that people want to eat, that I actually want to eat. Fresher food, a little healthier, a little tastier(?)

This is my goal. I won’t be gauging my success by stepping on a scale or counting the number of calories I’ve consumed, I’m simply trying to make my life a little better and broader for the future.

I must admit to an extreme lack of commitment that typically dissuades me from making any long-term resolutions, so I will be taking this day-by-day with this blog to keep me honest.

As the days roll onward, here you will find recipes, suggestions, and the lessons I’ve learned as I try to figure all of this out. I want this blog to be a place for everything bright and beautiful. Tiny wildflowers in a field of monochrome to watch for in this colorful little life.

Join me.


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